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Prayers-why you should have morning prayers

Every day is full of many things and when we reverse all the things that we do each day, we can only say that God helps us to see and pursue each day on its own. If it were not God, then don’t want to imagine where we can find ourselves. When we come home from work, most of us are very exhausted and we have barely any more power left within us to do anything-we just wish we can relax and find things done. Glory to those who are lucky to have house-helps, since they get some house duties done, but there are others who are not that lucky though to get one. And despite having a very challenging day in town, they are the same ones who will go and perform some of the basic home duties. This makes life so hard and at some point you just wonder if that is what you were meant to be-right?


It is morning and you have just woken up, a bit relaxed of yesterday’s work. You let yourself have some few minutes with God. You allow yourself to let God know that He is the one who has made you see this beautiful day. You let Him understand how Great He is, and how Awesome He is because he is planning good things in your life. Despite the very challenging day, He is still there for you. Talking with Him gives you refreshing moments. You feel your energy renewed. Those who online prayer requests is an inseparable thing gets to pray together with their online Christian prayers, and without a doubt, when you are coming out of that place, you want to face that day with courage understanding that God knows your plans and that He is there for you-you have that courage that you will face the challenging day no matter what.



Morning prayers helps in boosting your believe in God. It helps you in strengthening your courage in facing each day’s life. Christians have been confused of if there is any prayer which is important than the other one, and when we are talking of the importance of morning prayers, it is good highlighting that no prayer is better than the other one. As long as you allow yourself to have sometime with God, it doesn’t matter which type of prayer you offer-they will serve the same God. Coming back to our main issue, early risers will agree that the only best time they can have prayer either online prayer or at their respective homes is in the morning.


Having gone through various Christian prayer requests sites, I have come with some importance of having morning prayers;


More tune with Holy Ghost: in the morning, when you have just woken up, you are likely to have more tune with the Holy Spirit than in the evening.


Focused prayers: in the morning, your head is clear and thus able to make focused morning prayers Morning prayers will set you up for a major rise and success during the whole day The sacrifice you show when you wake up to pray in the morning pleases Him Allowing yourself to have prayer request online will make you grow in spirit when you are praying with other prayers intercessors discovering things that you didn’t know before.


Getting yourself in morning devotions to pray is one way in which you can submit prayers online or offline and they shall be effortful-happy prayers session.


Submit your prayer requests online and agree with other christian believers as they pray for you and your need. Pray for someone and also share your praise reports. For more information please visit:


Pray-how to pray for each other

Praying for each other is one way in which you ca create a joint relationship with your partners. It’s through joint prayers where people get to pray each for the others requests. The reason why most of the Christian websites like 24-7PrayerOnline have started an online prayer requests column is because there is a reason and a power behind people praying for each other.


Imagine a situation where a person comes and tells you ‘hello, how are you doing, hopes you are doing fine, I’ve been praying for you since you got the accident…’ how do you feel? It makes you feel stronger no matter your accidental condition. You feel loving that someone and it makes you become more proud that someone else cares for you. is one of the Christian websites where praying for each other is encouraged through online prayer request. All what you need is to submit your prayer need and then the other person will read your request and then pray fro you-that’s all.



How do you pray for each other? Is the very common question since most people don’t have even the time to play for themselves? First, you need to become a prayer yourself-that’s a must for you to pray for others. Imagine the following situation; someone who is looking for a prayer group but doesn’t come across a serious one? A person in a hospital bed and is seeking for someone whom they can pray together? Someone who is a prayerful person but is fearful of whom to tell his inner feelings? Are you one of the above?-if yes, one, you must have undergone through some frustrations and thus why you may be here looking for how you can get to pray fro each other with a group which is serious and with people whom you can share anything-right?


Here is what to do;

First set the tone: when you have a group which you converge to pray, one of the very difficult things is to share online prayer requests. It is very advisable that you let the one being prayed for first share the information of what he wants. This helps to keep focus on the prayers without having to present other issues which are not important while praying for each other. Let the people feel secure and safe to share all what they have to the other person for prayer, though some may feel they have confidential information.


You are shooting for the middle:  setting the tone by emphasizing on the invitation of God being the sole purpose is what most online prayer request sites like emphasize on. Sharing of prayer requests doesn’t mean end, but rather means inviting His intervention to the purpose of praying. In natural cases, some situations will of course require more time than others which you have to appreciate, you don’t want to limit prayers time with serious issues-or do you? Letting the group have that time when they can share all what they have will help you enable group praying. However, never let the sharing of issues become a debating club-what ought to be prayed or what not to. As long a san individual has the urge to be prayed for that need, no matter how simple it may appear, have that time to pray for it. Lastly, always encourage each other to have personal sharing. It’s only through this when you can be able to feel comfortable when praying either on behalf of online prayer request or when you have locally joined together for prayers-keep praying for each other, and you will defiantly see change, and a change for the better.


Submit your prayer requests online and agree with other christian believers as they pray for you and your need. Pray for someone and also share your praise reports. For more information please visit:

Prayers-why pray

Before we tackle the reason why you and I should pray, we should first ask our self what a prayer is. Getting the definition of what a prayer is gives us a picture of why then we should pray. A prayer is communication between human being and God. This involves a person opening his or her mouth and talking to God on various reasons why he(s) is praying. Prayer includes thanksgiving, discussion, and listening. This is the very thing that most people don’t understand and think that it’s a matter of just asking for things.


This is why you see many Christian websites, for example 24-7PrayerOnline praying for people since there are various reasons why people want to have prayers. But it is obvious that not all of us know how to pray. There are those who believe they can’t have even a word to speak to God not because they don’t want but because they don’t know how.



There are those who have been delivered from a situation or from one level to the other and they just wish they can be able to pray thank you to our Father for such an elevation. Others may be suffering from a particular issue and would want to communicate to the father and let Him understand that they need help from Him. All this is why people will find themselves praying, or if not submitting online prayer requests so that if they are not able to pray fro themselves, then other people (intercessors) can pray for them.


So why pray?

Acknowledge our dependence on God: at certain stage of our life, when you have reached an age of maturity, you feel you want independence, but the more you want independence the very your supporters will now try to move away from you so that they can give you space to support yourself-right? The same happens to prayers. When you see someone praying, it may not be necessarily because he wants anything, but simply because he wants to create that atmosphere that he is dependent on our God. When you show Him that you are dependent on Him, he gives you support of what you require.


Prayers help us face situations: at times you are there, and you want to pretend that everything is working just fine. This is a time when you have a problem or difficulty but you want to assume that you are just fine. But when it comes to praying, this is communication between you and your God, you can’t lie to God-or can you? This means that you have to tell Him all what you’ve been through and what you want from Him. In this, you are able to face the reality of things which are affecting you, and recognize the fact that you have a problem and that problem need help from our Father.


Spiritual tuning: what is spiritual tuning? This is where you are able to remain in the spiritual world being sensitive to spiritual commands. Prayers helps you to remain faithful and to want cleanses yourself, you have that desire to remain in that spiritual world.


Submit your prayer requests online and agree with other christian believers as they pray for you and your need. Pray for someone and also share your praise reports. For more information please visit:

Prayers-standing in the gap

Prayers involve you standing in the gap between other people and God. It involves taking the initiative of letting yourself speak to God through prayer son behalf of others who may not be able to do so or who are looking for other people to pray together with them.


Online prayer requests have become very common with most of the Christian websites like, letting people submit their prayers and letting their issue known to their Father. Standing between the gaps isn’t that easy, it involves an intercessor who is serious in sacrificing and devoting his or her time in praying for the others. It involves telling God what other people need when you don’t have that what you are praying others for.


Online prayers request gives an intercessor an increase in faith of God doing whatever His people are asking for. Strength and knowledge of God’s love helps you-the intercessor to pray for the others and standing the gap between them and God.  A person who stands in the gap believes and pleads on behalf of others and lets things happen to others due to their prayers. They pray for God’s intervention on families, work, individuals and circumstances.


Standing in the gap between means first standing before Gods with a lot of intimacy and letting God know how necessary it is for you to stand in between. This gives an outlined picture of why people standing in the gap are only a small fraction. With this course, most people submit their online prayer request to get people like intercessors who will stand in the gap and fill what the individuals need, through praying.


Some see praying as a gift, while others see it as a profession, but whichever the case, people will look for Christian websites like where they can submit their online prayer request and let those people who believe that they can stand in the gap stand and pray for them, their issues, their conditions and everything that they want done.


So why are there only fractions that can stand in the gap?

When it comes to issue of prayers, no matter how our Christian fathers encourage any people to pray, being an intercessor is not just about coming to pray. It involves considering who is praying and his or her relationship with God. This means that two aspects here must be considered;


¨       Holiness

¨       Loyalty

Holiness is what makes an intercessor who prays for the online prayer requests be able to stand before God. Righteousness makes a person to have a close connection with God. Royalty is delegation of authority given to us so as to have the legitimate access to God.


Now, everyone is encouraged to pray and when it comes to standing between the gap, be sure that you also can, and if you can’t submitting online prayer request is one way which you are sure someone will stand in the gap on your behalf-all the same your God will recognize your presence.


Submit your prayer requests online and agree with other christian believers as they pray for you and your need. Pray for someone and also share your praise reports. For more information please visit:

Prayers-how important are they to families

There is no way you can tell me that you have a family which has no problems-right? There is no family which can proudly say that it has reached the far it has reached because of their own effort-even if we try to prove that. What is the truth is that God makes things happen, in troubles, in times of difficulties and joy, its prayers which we pray or which other people pray on behalf of you and your family that keeps you going.


You may not have realized that there are people who pray for you eve when you’ve not asked them to do so, even without you know. They see that family of yours and they ask God to keep on blessing you. Other times, you submit online prayer requests for your family support on a certain issue, and for some time you find the prayers have been answered.


The very thing that we forget is at times we submit online prayer request to Christian websites like 24-7 prayer so that we can get family favors but they are not answered at the times we are expecting. Most of the prayers are answered when we least expect the answers. We just see good things happening to our families without understanding that you or someone else prayed for you at one time in the past but you forgot the same.


A family that prays together will always stay together-that’s a fact. A family which focuses on having Jesus Christ built their foundation and letting His presence influence their lives is always and will remain at all times being a family with a difference. It’s not just another family but a special family. They pray and let their Father understand what they want in their lives. Thus, a family like that will never be shaken by small things, they withstands all the storms no matter how vibrant they appear to be.


These are the families who offer to pray for the pothers. They in fact look for prayer websites like, where people submit online prayer requests and they join together and pray for a particular family-this is where you are sure that the family prayed for will never be the same again, it undergoes a transformation, a moment to get things changing, unity in the family and things falling in order, all this is seen when your family get to be prayed for or to pray for themselves.


Family prayers can be done in various ways; either you or your group/intercessors. This is where you converge to once house and you pray fro your family. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it si better when intercessors come together, they should pray fro your family when it is due time without mixing with other issues.


Another option is praying together with your spouse. This according to e is the very best option, if you can be able to do so. This is because you have the opportunity to pray for anything concerning your family. Intercessors prayers may not be that open since some information may be considered private. But when you are praying together with your spouse, you have the option of praying for the very issues you want, no matter how private they may be.


Submit your prayer requests online and agree with other christian believers as they pray for you and your need. Pray for someone and also share your praise reports. For more information please visit:

Prayers-a close connection with God

Making a prayer is the only way in which any human kind can communicate with God. Prayer is a very powerful tool which helps us to stay in close contact with our Father. Prayers should be done at any time, day or night, any place, whether at work or at home. Whenever one feels like you are very lonely and as if people have despised you, prayers helps you to understand that there is a God who doesn’t despise you.


Prayer is a religious practice seeking to activate volitional connection to our most high God. You can either choose to have an individual prayer or a communal prayer. The reason why we pray is because our Lord Jesus Christ directed us to do everything in prayer trusting that it shall be done. “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints” (Ephesians 6:18). There are very any other verses of the Holy Bible where Jesus talks about prayers.



With this in effect, pastors have found themselves in the practice of connecting the saints through prayer requests made to them by the believers. This has also led to the introduction of online prayer requests sites where one can submit your prayer requests of what they want prayed for, believing that it shall be done. Christian sites have also provided many forms of prayers with some quoting prayer of the day, to help those who have little know-how of how to pray, each day.


To some, prayer is the only way to give them confidence, to pursue a very difficult task. To others, prayers are one way to keep their hearts light and to feel that closeness to God. Christians have learnt the importance of frequent praying, and starting from morning prayers, lunch prayers, dinner prayers and other prayers are some of the much known prayers. Online prayer is one of the most widely spreading ways of praying since one doesn’t have to move to the local church. You can have your prayer request while at home or at your place of work.


Most of the sites which provide online prayers are free, nothing is paid. This allows more Christian to have that confidence of taking a step of letting their burdens move away and learning to connect more easily to our Father. Prayer requests are offered such that you submit your prayer request online and the other Christians get to pray for you for the reason you have indicated. This has seen many people sail through different situations and hardships in life. Many Christians have found themselves overcome things they never imagined they would overcome. And with this reason, having yourself submit a prayer request to any online prayers hosting website will see your life changing into levels you have never thought you would find yourself. Request Christians to pray for you, and having very many honest Christian prayers, letting your desires of your heart be known to our father and letting Him know of the great and Awesome Father He is, surely your prayers will have effect on your life. Prayers works wonders!!


Submit your prayer requests online and agree with other christian believers as they pray for you and your need. Pray for someone and also share your praise reports. For more information please visit:

How to effectively use online prayers sites

Prayers are one of the very wonderful resources in this very troubling world. With different people facing different challenges in this world, prayers have become the most used way to get help and to motivate each person each day. This has also led to the growth of very many online prayer requests sites. Prayer is a beautiful and mysterious phenomenon that is flourishing online making online prayer a more serious undertaken activity to bring the Christians together. Online prayer has been massively growing due to the fact that distance and time is not a thing to worry about. These are the most common barriers that made praying together among Christians. Getting prayer requests online is now easy and can be done any time of the day, 24/7 since most of the Christian prayers hosting sites offers the same at all times, day or night.



Having noted of the very many online prayer sites, one needs to understand how to best use these sites to their own and others gain. First you need to identify what you require to ensure that you can be able to pray for me and vice versa and any time of the day;


Internet connection: is the very first thing, if you want to ensure you effectively get what online prayers can offer. Most Christian prayers sites are website designed and this means that they use internet connection to deliver their contents and service to other people. Thus, you have to get an internet connection to your computer so that you can be able to access the websites.



After getting an internet connection, you then need to understand which effective prayers are and which ones are not. Effective prayers are those prayers which are affirming and positive. For example, a thank you lord for healing me prayer is an effective way to pray towards those who need healing. Always find prayers that are in a positive tone.


Beauty of the site: this will now affect the designer’s works of the Christian prayers site. Choose a site that wills resonates with your beliefs. You can’t fail to get a site that ‘feels right’ you. There are free prayer request sites more than you can ever imagine, so trust yourself in choosing the one that you feel is right one for you. This will help you in finding groups that you can be compatible with when it comes to online prayer, since you have the same beliefs and zeal to pray for each other.


Lastly: when you consider posting prayers, the same way you may not want to find your personal information posted in online prayers, look for a Christian prayer request site which will at all times omit any personal information, unless with granted permission of the owner. This will help you in having confidence of submitting prayer request without fear of loosing your personal details to the public. Remember, when it comes to using online prayer sites, use your common sense and always trust own gut feelings. If you are sure that something doesn’t feel right, then it may be because you probably are not in need of it-keep praying.


Submit your prayer requests online and agree with other christian believers as they pray for you and your need. Pray for someone and also share your praise reports. For more information please visit: